They’re Here: Meet The Moppel Family

They’re Here: Meet The Moppel Family

It’s time the world met the new Moppel LED flexible light family! These incredible lights are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A fun cross between a lamp and a cartoon character, these revolutionary new gizmos can be taken anywhere and attach to almost any surface. Each member of the Moppel light family can be posed just like action figures directing the light in whichever direction you need. This makes a Moppel a great addition to your desk.

From the Helper Moppel with its hand attachments that can hold letters and pens to the Dino-Moppel, each of these lights has its own distinctive personality sure to suit any person, room or situation. They’re sure to be a big hit at the home or office, in your dorm room and even in your car. These versatile LED lamps are precision-engineered in Germany and are well made and very easy to use.

All Moppel lights are equipped with magnetic feet and suction pads that help them stick to virtually any surface. The Moppel can attach firmly to most smooth surfaces – glass, metal, paint, plastic or rubber – and stay attached until you move it. There is no need to fumble around in the dark. Just stick a Moppel on the closet or nursery wall for a quick and easy light source. Moppels run on AAA batteries or from your desktop PC or laptop USB port, making them useable in almost any environment.

Moppel lights are eco-friendly, energy-saving lights. The LED that powers each Moppel has a service life of more than 100,000 hours. How long is 100,000? You’d have to run the light continuously for more than eleven years before the LED would ever need replacing!

Since you can choose between batteries and computer power to light up your Moppel, there’s almost no limit to what you can do with them. They make a great addition to your workstation as an all-purpose light or as an additional item to put in your laptop bag while traveling to use on planes or in hotel rooms. Light, compact and portable, your Moppel can go anywhere your laptop goes.

Six Great Ways to Use Your Moppels:

• Closets: Moppels don’t take up a lot of space and you can direct the light wherever you need it so they are a great addition to a poorly lit closet or cabinet with little room for a major light source.
• Home office or computer desk: A Moppel is a quick and easy way to add light to a small work area or a badly lit cubicle. They can also be useful for IT managers and technicians needing extra light as they work on the internal workings of a PC or laptop.
• Bedroom: Attach a Moppel to the wall next to your headboard or on the night stand for a simple reading light or in the kid’s room for a fun night light.
• Travel: Since your Moppel can plug right into a USB port on your laptop, you can add this to your travel kit for a portable light no matter where you go.
• Tool Box: The Moppel light can be pointed in any direction, so a Moppel is a great tool for working under the sink, in the garage or in any other dark space.
• Automobile: Passengers can use the Moppel as a reading light on long road trips and drivers can use one if there is an emergency need to check under the hood. The Moppel can attach to the underside of the hood to give you a hands-free light source that you can direct anywhere you need light.

Moppels are creative and interesting but most importantly, they are a superior source of long-lasting LED lighting. Enjoy the whimsy of them but appreciate their excellent capabilities!

Ben Anton, 2007